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ah lib childrens roomATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ - Children are encouraged to read their favorites books to a trained therapy dog at the local Branch of the Monmouth County Library on Thursday, May 16 at 3:15 p.m..

Therapy dogs trained for listening to children read stories are healthy, well-mannered and enjoy human contacts, each with its own u8nique characteristics, but all attentive and non-judgmental in listening to children read.

When children read to dogs, the dog does not correct their pronunciation or help them in any way, simply serve as quiet listeners, creating a more relaxing atmosphere for a struggling reader. No one is critiquing them, no one is correcting them when they make a mistake, and there are no expectations that need to be met. The child simply reads to the dog. 

Since the pressure is off the child, oftentimes this helps improve the child’s attitude toward reading. Instead of being a stressful or dreaded exercise, reading becomes relaxed and fun. This change in attitude for the child can help them by giving them the motivation and incentive to enjoy reading.

Children are encouraged to read from their favorite books or listen try new ones during the 35 minute session,.   NO registration is necessary. For further information, visit monmouthcountylib.org.