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To the editor,

At a time when I, and many other New Jersyans are struggling to pay their property taxes, I find it outrageous that Governor Murphy is proposing spending $2.1 million on legal services for illegal aliens.  

This is only part of the hair-raising 8% increase in spending his budget.  Coupled with the Governor's proposed income tax increase, hike in the sales tax and new taxes on such services as Uber and Lyft, the overburdened New Jersey taxpayer is about to get crushed again.  

In general, it seems as if the Governor is oblivious to the number one issue facing New Jersey, that is, the highest in the nation property taxes, and what to do about it.  Rather, all we get are more proposed tax increases, more job killing fees and regulations, and more ill-advised spending that the state simply cannot afford.  

The prospect of what the future holds for New Jersey under Governor Murphy is frightening, that is, more and more businesses and residents leaving New Jersey, those of us who stay will have to pay a bigger share of the increased taxes.

Richard C. Winters
Lincroft, NJ