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david prown 120I am sure I am late to the party shouting out “finally” as 50 year old + actresses are finally long deserved meaty roles in Hollywood.

The recent release “Late Show” starring the regal Emma Thompson is doubtful to win post season individual or movie top category awards, but the movie REALLY WORKS.  E.T. is terrific!

The ying/yang pairing of this “past her prime” comedian/talk show host Katherine Newbury and newbie rookie writer Molly (Mindy Kaling who is wonderfully fresh and confident & kind) zips along perfectly.  Thompson is older, white, well to do & arrogant while Molly is young, Indian, inexperienced, paycheck to paycheck team player.

You root for both of them to find a common success and do so on the same team.  Some really fun script writing reels in the audience with plenty of laughs and smiles.  Yes, some slower & sobering moments that work and don’t go too deep.

Add in the iconic John Lithgow as Katherine’s quiet, caring, loving husband to her type A personality is nice.

What I won’t have paid to have the scissors to cut 10 minutes from this film.  None the less, very refreshing and a most welcoming summer kick off movie