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david prown 120No doubt there have been plenty of movies on musical artists and bands over the years.

Clearly biographical style “Bohemian Rhapsody” hit last year highlighting the story of Freddie Mercury & Queen, took all to a higher level with a greater emphasis on singing vs. the story (my opinion).  Highly successful and we knew movie “star musician/band” flicks were to follow (sort of fun speculating who that would be).

In jumps the story of the masterful Elton John in “Rocketman”, particularly the formulative years and his earlier years as a premier artist.  Love, like Queen flic, that it starred (at that time) off the A list actors yet this film SOARED. Starred unknown to me Taron Egerton as the adult Elton (slaughters the role) - program alert the actors who played the younger versions of Elton were brilliant

An endless amount of remarkable, iconic songs presented in snippets and in full.  The movie was a bloody pez machine of ends hits coming out you. I loved how we heard songs in various styles/interpretations (just not how we heard on the LP).

Yes, they didn’t sugar coat his abject drug and alcohol abuse or his sexual tendencies. They do so in a way that further explain his life &  his musical gifts. We clearly in short come to see his strong musical vision and insight.. Eye opening view to his childhood and how it drove him forward.

So much to say but at the end of the day, “Rocketman”’s clever, enjoyable and relentless celebration of Elton John’s musical talents and “oh the songs!” makes this  Movie an early summer hit..  Tons of smiles and enjoyment.

Lastly their presentation of the genesis and decades long relationship with Bernie Taupin, his lyricist is so well done and appreciated