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david prown 120The light, fun, engaging previews for the new romantic comedy “Long Shot” gave zero hints that this was an R rated movie.

The opening scene was filled with F-Bombs, horrid anti-semitic rants at a White Nationalist hang out.  Utterly shocking welcome to the movie.

Now folks, this was actually a very good movie and was made for our new environment of raw language, plenty of sex action (no visual) and drug use.   It worked after the shock wore off but clearly I wasn’t rushing home to tell my Dad that this was NOT a “Must See” movie.

The seemingly 180 degree pairing of frumpy journalist (Fred Flarsky) played by Seth Rogen and the exquisitely elegant Charlize Theron (Charlotte Field) who is the current Secretary of State (sounds familiar) seriously contemplating a Presidential rule (sounds super familiar - see TV’s Madame Secretary).

Decades ago she was Rogens babysitter, they reconnect and “really connect”.  They truly like each other and Rogen easily and innocently inspires her to let down her hair.  But he also becomes her lead speech writer and helps her share her best words.

Once you get passed the “strong R” aspects, it was a nice “Rom-Com” because they were an extremely likable pair...you really quietly rooted for them.