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david prown 120How special that the new movie "If Beale Street Could Talk" kicks off the New Year in such a magical way. No doubt this most special film will be grouped for awards purposes in 2018, but to me it is a 2019 flick.

The web bio explains the film in this most simple way and better than I ever could :

"In early 1970s Harlem, daughter and wife-to-be Tish vividly recalls the passion, respect and trust that have connected her and her artist fiancé Alonzo Hunt, who goes by the nickname Fonny. Friends since childhood, the devoted couple dream of a future together, but their plans are derailed when Fonny is arrested for a crime he did not commit."

Now back to my thoughts of this highly romantic, powerful and yes  sad movie. Adapted from a James Baldwin novel, "If Beale Street Could Talk" combines a perfect cast of Regina King, Kiki Layne and Stephen James and an uber powerful, simple script.

Sure as sugar this novel will be adapted to a staged play (if not already). What an amazing deep, painful, relentless insight into the plight of many African American families with an immediate family member incarcerated.

The rules of the game simply aren't the same for black and white American (reminded me of The Hate U Give film out in Nov. of 2018).

The incredible sweetness/devotion and loyalty by the young mother played by Kiki Layne is extremely likable. Her Mom, played by the powerful, grounded, astute and remarkably loving Regina King is a most deserving award winning role. The artist, boyfriend, father "Fonny" played by Stephen James has the audience rooting for his sincerity and success despite temptations and influences.

Hard to describe how special a piece of writing and  casting "If Beale Street Could Talk" is - adored and keep thinking about it every day...and I saw it a week ago.