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david prown 120"Instant Family" is an extremely good movie. It is far from a comedy

that the previews seem to hint towards and the movie title is far from

accurate in true life and in the film.

The movie has a beautiful cast including Octavia Spencer, Mark Wahlberg & Rose Byrne with a terrific supporting ensemble played by the well know Margo Martindale (a huge favorite of mine), Julie Hagerty (of Airplane fame), Joan Cusack and many more. Heck the 3 "Instant Family" kids slaughter their respective roles in all the right ways.

This very happy long time husband and wife also work together  (Wahlberg & Byrne) stumble up the notion of adoption thru the foster care system. Lots of innocence and naiveté on the part of this duo as they venture into the into the world of foster parenting/adopting and I thought this was presented very well.

Movie did an excellent job of showing the huge roller coaster of emotions of parents (and kids) going thru the foster parenting world including debunking myths and the huge misconception and understandingly family and friends.

Yes adoption, siblings, foster care, court hearings are all part of my life and had zero clues how close to home this movie would hit. Was fascinating in probably week 3 that this movie has been out, how strong the audience attendance was. The credits showed endless pictures of foster/adoptive families and was very pleasantly surprised that the audience stayed thru all. Clearly this movie grabbed them too.

This movie was very well written and spot on. Not surprising a happy ending, but the journey to get their was pretty accurately reflected huge angst and smiles on the long arduous unscripted foster/adoptive parent saga.

The foster parent support group scenes, characters and facilitators shown thru out sound boring but really highlight heartfelt journeys.

This was quite a surprising movie and if you have a heart, you will enjoy.