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david prown 120Previews for the new movie “BLOCKERS”  did nothing to float my boat.Previews for the new movie “BLOCKERS”  did nothing to float my boat.

So was a bit surprised better than most ratings on moviefone.com and RottenTomatoes.  I had a small window and off I went to a star-less film (John Cena is a pro wrestling star and is the extent of his name recognition).

I think the lack of big names and the lack of “beautiful people” creates a rather regular, “could be plausible cast” and allows the movie audience to just focus on the movie. I don't think this is a very unique storyline; 3 lifelong best friends deciding to lose their virginity on Prom Night and their parents uncovering/scheming to “block” that from happening.

The movie is under 2 hours long  and has a good # of scenes where you really bust out laughing. I was a little surprised that Gary Cole, who is it pretty well respected actor , takes a minor role where he gets to show his private parts. R rating for a reason but a fun R and was worth the matinee pricing.