anna littleDelegates, honorary delegates and guests were treated to a fun reception outside the Quicken Loans Arena Monday, on the first day of the Republican National Convention. Live music, food and beverage stations and ample opportunity to purchase campaign gear made for a festive celebration of the GOP unity in support of the Trump-Pence team.

gop rnc 2016 outside

On Media Row over 200 outlets broadcasting from 6am to 11pm were buzzing as politicians and staffers walked from booth to booth giving live interviews for radio and television and print media. CNN and Google provided beverages and snacks.

gop cops bike

Talk Media News, our host at Media Row, ensured that Conservative Commandos was on the floor of the convention and in the radio seats set aside for media covering the event. Conservative Commandos is grateful and honored to bring this experience to We The People. We talk about democracy in action. Here in Cleveland Ohio at the Republican National Convention we are seeing democracy in action before our very eyes.

gop rnc inside nj pole

Inspiring speakers abounded but most notable were the Benghazi duo telling the horrific story of that fateful day when four Americans were lost including Ambassador Chris Stevens while Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton ignored repeated cries for help. These two brave heroes lived to tell the story of a terrible travesty of senseless loss of life. Had cries for help been heeded, had America showed strong leadership, clearly these lives would not have been lost and Libya may not be in the tumult she continues to experience today.

gop benghazi duo

We at Conservative Commandos Radio encourage listeners to remember Benghazi during this election cycle. Clinton was in leadership that day. A Clinton White House will result is similar failed leadership in the future. The safety and security of America and the world as we know it hangs in the balance.

gop gov christie

Governor Chris Christie was on the convention floor last night accompanied by Chairman Sam Raia, Leader Bramnick, Ocean County Chairman George Gilmore, and countless members of the NJ delegation. Media swarmed about the Governor as he entered the convention hall.

gop sam raia convention floor
PHOTO: Sam Raia Chairman NJGOP, Assemblyman Jon Bramnick (center), George Gilmore Ocean County Chair (behind Bramnick) on convention floor.

NJ has front row seats to the convention stage a stones throw from speakers and media due to Chris Christie's support of Donald Trump's presidential campaign. The excitement in the room was palpable.  We're looking forward to continued excitement in the presentations today.

gop allen west

Of special importance to Conservative Commandos was the chance meeting of this cohost with Colonel Allen West outside the convention hall. Colonel Allen West was very supportive to us during our infancy and continues to support us today. Colonel West remembers making the recording we use in every broadcast at CCRS: "This is Colonel Allen West and you are listening to Conservative Commandos Radio Show."  We took a fun selfie for the guys in the studio.

Check back for more updates as we continue coverage today.