anna littleMonday morning briefing of the NJGOP Delegation was led by Bill Pallatucci, National Committeeman.

Gov Christie is at Michigan delegation this morning. He will speak at RNC Finance Luncheon and RGA Finance Luncheon.  He'll be on the floor at the convention tonight. Christie speaks at the convention tomorrow night after Speaker Ryan and just before the Trump family, roughly 9:30-10pm.

gop bill palatucciPHOTO: National Committeeman from NJ Bill Palatucci.

The State party is debt free with $370K cash on hand. Trump and Christie fundraiser responsible. Raised over $750K

gop jon bramnick njgop chair sam raiaPHOTO: Leader Jon Bramnick and NJGOP Chair Sam Raia

Platform Committee report was delivered by Sen. Joe Penaccio. He stated it is the most conservative platform in a long time. There were nearly 100 members on the GOP platform committee. Over 500 press credentials were issued. The meetings were covered on Cspan. The process was open and transparent. Sen. Pennacio said "The platform is not perfect, but it is an honest transparent attempt to tell Americans what to expect from Republicans. The Democrat platform committee consisted of 13 people in closed door session . It was about as open honest and transparent as the Clinton emails."

gop mike doherty mrs doherty mrs joseph pennaccioPHOTO: Sen. Mike Doherty, Mrs. Doherty and Mrs. Joseph Pennaccio.

Regarding the Trump campaign Sen. Pennaccio stated:  "Trump knows the Road to Washington goes through NJ.  On January 20 the infamous Obama apology tour ends and Donald J Trump becomes President of the United States."